Stop the Bullying

Erase bullying from existence

What is Bullying?

Bullying is hurting other people physically or emotionally, it can be repeated over time. Bullies bully by intimidating others weaknesses, and making fun of them, they use their own advantages, like physical strength, embarrassing information, and their popularity. Bullying can happen in different ways, there are 6 main types of bullying: physical bullying (physical contact that can harm someone), verbal bullying(bully teases someone else and making offensive remarks), social alienation(kick someone out of the group, and pointing out their differences), indirect bullying (spreading rumours and stories) , intimidation (the bully threats other to do something), and cyber bullying(bullying others online).

Who does bullying involve and affect? What is their role?

In a situation of bullying, it involves the bully, victim and maybe a bystander. THE BULLY is the one the tease, threats, make fun or hurt the victim physically, the bully bullies because of cultural causes, social issues, having power etc. THE VICTIM is the one getting bullied, it can sometimes seriously hurt their feelings when they get bullied over time, the victims get bullied because of their disadvantage, and being not the same. THE BYSTANDER might be the one to solve the bullying, or make it worse, the bystander can chose to help the bully, to get more popularity, and also tease the victim, or he can stop the bullying by helping the victim, tell the bully to stop, and clear the situation. The bystander can also just walk away, and not get involved.

How can we help to stop the bullying?

-When you see someone getting bullied, go stop the bully, and support the victim.

-Don't be part of a group that bullies other people, just because you want popularity.

-The parents need to help the kids too, by talking to them, and sharing feelings, to ensure the their kids are safe.

-Make the people that bully have consequence.

How can we deal with bully at school?

We are now at school, which is mostly where the bullying happens.

-Talk to your parents or teacher when you think that your being bullied, and do not hide it.

-Think about the actions you have done, have you been bullying someone else? Apologize to the person you might have bullied.

-Think before you do your actions, and look at everyone the same level as you.

Bullying in Canada

-47% of Canadian parents have been reporting that their child is being bullied.

-30000 children have called child line of themselves being bullied.

-38% male and 30% female in Canada have reported themselves being bullied often or occasionally.

-Girls in Canada are more likely to get bullied than boys on the internet, including threatening emails, and instant message.

-73% reports getting bullied on-line, of threats and aggressive messages.