Please read the following instructions...

Work Order Procedure for STE and DYE

If you have something in your classroom that is not working to please email your work order to for EAG and for HHS

(DO NOT Click the link. You Must TYPE it into the TO: box in an email) and include:

  • The RCS tag number
  • Your Room number
  • Brief Description of the issue

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that it might prolong the amount of wait time if you do not send in the work order properly.

We are asking that you refrain from stopping the tech to come work on a problem you are having because they have a list of work orders that have been turned in correctly. It is not fair to the teachers who have submitted work orders. They are only here one time a week and we need to go in the order the issues were submitted.

I understand that it is important that these matters are addressed in a timely manner so we appreciate your cooperation with this matter.

What Constitutes a Work Order?

Email eagwo or hhswo for the following problems:

  • Teacher computer or student computer is not working properly.
  • Projector, printer, interwrite board, etc. is not functioning properly.
  • Announcements are not showing up.
  • You have a question or issue with a school program (i.e. MobyMax, AR, etc.)
  • You have a student who cannot login to computer or program.

Email tech coach directly or use the book me link for the following situations:

  • Request for a model lesson or collaboration
  • Request for a day training on a program.
  • Request for the webpage.
  • Demonstration on a technology tool.
  • Anything else I can help you with.
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