Tech Essentials 161

The Best Elective At Glenbrook South

Learn About The Future

Technology is the fastest growing thing in our world today and their is always more to learn about when it comes to technology. Learn about all of this at Tech Essentials 161.

Learn How To Be Safe On The Internet

In Tech Essentials 161 one of the main things that we cover is safety on the internet.

Learn How To Organize Your Life

You will learn many useful ways to organize daily tasks.

Learn How To Communicate

Communicating And Collaborating Is An Important Skill Tech Essentials Teaches You.

Tech Essentials 161 Reflection

My time here in Tech Essentials 161 was a great experience. This semester I was able to view the world from a different perspective than what I had before. Learning about technology opens your eyes to see how big the world is but also how small it can be too. With all of the new technology that is available to us especially in the United States we are only one click away from someone half way around the world. I had accomplished many things this semester but the one that I was most proud of was when we were creating info graphics. When we started that unit I never really new how much you could do on the types of software that i had been using all of the time. A very challenging part of this semester was trying to learn and remember what all of the different kinds of software do. It is tough because there are so many different types of software on the internet. If I were to change one thing this semester it would be to explore more on the internet I would want to see more than what I had already seen because all of these different software's are so interesting to me. Like I had said before the challenge I had was getting to know all of the different types of software. Over time eventually it became very easy because of how much we were using each of these systems. My favorite part of the class has to be the video unit. The video unit is so great because of how you are able to express yourself so easy on a camera which we definitely were able to do in the mockumentary. Overall this was a great semester and if I had to go back I would definitely choose this class again.