The Compass

September 25, 2022

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A Message from Mrs. Place

Writer’s Workshop Engages Writers!

If you’ve been following the past couple weeks of the Compass, you’ve seen some of my reflections on our instructional model. Particularly, I have shared how our teaching and learning looks a little different from the late 1900s and early 2000s. Just say “late 1900s and early 2000s” to yourself one more time to consider how much time has passed since you might have been an elementary-aged child. It seems to reason that our instructional model has changed, and to the benefit of our children it has undoubtedly improved!

One of the most exciting changes has been in our approach to writing. Again, like math and reading, we use a “workshop” approach, with the emphasis on ensuring that our students are spending the bulk of their time genuinely doing the work of writers. How is this different? Haven’t we always been writing? Writing used to have more to do with learning first how to write a sentence, how to punctuate, and writing about someone else’s big idea (tell about time when…,write about someone who…, explain why…). Learning about the components of a sentence, the power of punctuation, and responding through written expression continues to be components of our work. The excitement and energy of our writing instruction, however, comes from empowering our writers. We are leading our writers to study and reflect on elements of published literature, peer text, and teacher examples to generate their own ideas and explore craft and techniques. Learning from experts and one another, students are inspired to “try it out!” They put their ideas on paper and their work represents their unique voice, choice, and agency. Students spend less time wondering “how much do I have to write” and more time thinking about “how do I GET to write”.

You can support your young writers by looking at literature through the lens of the writer. When you’re reading books, magazines, media posts and memes, you can share what you see and reflect out loud. When you’re composing your own writing, whether emails, professional work, or writing for fun, share your thoughts. “I love the way this writer hooked me from the beginning; I can’t put this book down,” (that’s a great lead and your young writer is trying out new leads that engage readers, too!). “This author paints a beautiful picture with details,” (and your child will want to share how he/she is doing this). “I think I’ll make a photo book about our trip and add quotations and captions to explain each picture.” When your child hears and sees you think about writing, they will connect their work beyond the classroom and into their lives.

Rising Hill Family Night

Join us this Tuesday, 9/27 for our first family night of the year! We’ll have fun together as we DIVE INTO MATH! We look forward to seeing you from 5:30-7:00!
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Let's Celebrate Rising Hill! Join us in a SPIRIT WEEK!

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Fun Run

Our Fun Run is kicking off next week, but you can plan ahead now! Be sure to register at Also, take a look at our nightly challenges for Fun Run! These can help you plan for our exciting activities between Oct. 3-14 as we rally around our school goal of raising $20,000!
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PTA Reflections Contest

“Does your child enjoy art, music and dance or have an interest in writing, producing films or taking photos?

Then join us and have fun unleashing their inner artist! The theme this year is “Show Your Voice!”

Entry forms will be in the office or ask your students teacher for one! They will have the opportunity to win an award or even a scholarship at the other levels! Entries will be due by December 1st! Reach out to Mikala at any questions.”

Upcoming Events

  • September 26th-30th - RH Spirit Week
  • September 27th - RH Family Math Night
  • September 29th - Picture Day
  • October 7th - No School
  • October 10th - No School
  • October 11th - RH PTA Meeting ~ 6:30 p.m.
  • October 14th - RH Fun Run
  • October 15th - Staley Under the Stars
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