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  • Discovered by Sir Humprey Davy
  • There was no difference between sodium and potassium in 18th century
  • Chemists did not identify that "vegetable alkali" and "mineral alkali had differences between each other
  • Sodium had been isolated in 1807
  • Has an alchemical symbol


silver-white, metallic element that oxidizes rapidly in moist air, occurring in nature only in the combined state

Uses and Properties

-used in lamps




Values for any individual human will depend very much upon that individual's local environment.

Interesting Facts

  • Sodium is never found as the free element

  • Sodium metal is a big fire hazard

  • It occurs in many other minerals such as...

  • (sodium borax), sodium carbonate (soda), sodium nitrate (Chile saltpetre). and sodium sulphate (thenardite).

  • Heart disease patients should not consume sodium

Biology in humans

A persons diet has to have a balanced amount of sodium.

Geology ( in the universe)

Abundances for sodium in a number of different environments.