Financial Litteracy Project!

By: Ilka Ntiranyuhura


I am a nurse practitioner. I help patients with diseases, perform comprehensive and focused physical examinations, diagnose and treat common illnesses and injuries, as well as provide immunizations while managing high blood pressures.

I will be making $97,990 with a Doctors degree, which means 8 years of college and 16 semesters.

My Future Budget

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One of my biggest learning experiences with this project was that I learned how to calculate and figure out how to find out my budget, as well as figure out a plan for my future.

I had to find a cheap house and car to fit my budget because other wise I would be in dept.

This compares to my initial ideas of beginning adulthood because before this project I didn't know what I wanted to do (my job) or where I wanted to go (my college), but now I know how to stay in my budget without being in debt, as well as how to plan for my future. Without this project I would still be uncertain of where I want to go to college, and what I want my occupation to be with extra money left over.