Friday Message

October 8, 2021

Principal's Message

Families on Track 1, 2, and 3 will receive your child's report card on Friday, October 8. Your child's teacher will reach out to schedule a first quarter parent-teacher conference. We are striving to connect with 100% of PUE parents for our first quarter parent-teacher conferences. Your child's teacher may not include comments for the first quarter report card given that you will meet with them for a conference.

During the conference, teachers will share information regarding your child's strengths and needs. Information regarding recent assessments and work samples may also be shared.

The US Department of Education lists the following parent tips you may want to consider when preparing for the Parent-Teacher Conference:

  • Write out your questions before you meet with the teacher.
  • Ask for specific information about your child’s work and progress.
  • Review what the teacher has told you and follow up by talking with your child.
  • Check back with the teacher regularly to see how things are going as the year progresses.

Custodial Appreciation Week

We would like to give a special shout out to Mr. Henry Ward, our custodian. PUE is celebrating National Custodian Week through October 15. Please feel free to have your child make Mr. Ward a card or send in a token of appreciation for all he does to maintain our campus!


Positive Case of COVID-19

We received notification of a positive case of COVID-19. This was a student who was last on campus on October 7, 2021.

Delay in Spirit Wear Orders

We apologize for the delay of spirit wear orders. The vendor is processing orders but there is a delay in shipping.

Outdoor Lunch

During the week of October 11, Track 2 students will eat lunch outdoors. If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out the the room parent for your child's classroom.

Information About the WCPSS Elementary Report Card

All elementary students receive a report card at the end of each nine-week reporting period. It outlines the student's progress in meeting the state standards for his or her grade.

Student performance descriptions

Levels 1 to 4 indicate whether your child met expectations set by the state's Standard Course of Study. These levels also indicate whether he or she has the necessary skills and concepts to be successful in the next quarter or next grade.

Teachers' assessments include observations and evidence collected throughout the grading period to determine their students' levels of proficiency. The descriptors for each level have been aligned to the expectations of the state Standard Course of Study for all content areas.

Level 4 - Exemplary

Student consistently demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the standards, concepts and skills taught during this reporting period.

Level 3 - Proficient

Student consistently demonstrates an understanding of the standard, concepts and skills taught during this reporting period.

Level 2 - Approaching Proficiency

Student is approaching an understanding of the standards, concepts and skills taught during this reporting period.

Level 1 - Non-Proficient

Student does not yet demonstrate an understanding of the standards, concepts and skills taught during this reporting period.

Conduct and work habits

Students receive grades (1, 2 or 3), separate from the content area, for conduct and work habits. In reporting on conduct, the teacher can indicate whether the student meets expectations in cooperating with others, respecting others and observing rules and procedures. In reporting on work habits, the teacher can indicate whether the student uses time wisely, listens carefully, completes assignments, writes legibly, works independently or seeks help when needed, and completes work. The following descriptors will be used:

  • 3 - meets expectations
  • 2 - inconsistently meets expectations
  • 1 - does not meet expectations

Afternoon Carpool

Since our track 4 friends are tracking out carpool should go much faster starting Monday. Please be in carpool by 4:00 in order to be here before we finish.

Please be sure to not double line prior to 3:15pm each day. This week, we noticed parents lining up very early. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

WCPSS COVID-19 Dashboard

For information on the COVID-19 metrics in the school district, please see this link.

WCPSS COVID-19 Clusters

For information on COVID-19 clusters in WCPSS schools, please see this link.

Face Coverings

All students should wear a face covering every day.


Please screen your child each day to make sure they are fever free and do not have the following:

  • Diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 10 days
  • Exposed to COVID-19 within the last 14 days and not fully vaccinated
  • Instructed to quarantine
  • Sick or experiencing any of these symptoms of illness
    • 100.4° fever or higher
    • Sore throat
    • New cough
    • New shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • New loss of taste or smell
    • Diarrhea or vomiting
    • New severe headache

Please keep your child at home if they are ill.

2021-2022 School Calendar

The school calendar is available here.

PUE PTA Message

Pleasant Union DanceFit, GET REGISTERED!

We're 5 days away from our PUE DanceFit! We're looking forward to having fun and building our PUE community together. Donating is open at MYBOOSTER.COM. You can support our school in 3 steps:

1) REGISTER on It takes 30 seconds!

2) SHARE with 5 family/friends using the SHARE tools on Students can earn rewards just for sharing from

3) GIVE a donation if you are able to give

Save the Dates

  • Registration Opens- Register here.
  • Donating Starts-Open
  • Fundraiser Kick Off-10/13 (Track 1, 2, and 3), 10/25 (Track 4)
  • Event Day-10/21 (Track 1, 2, and 3), 11/1 (Track 4)

Every share and donations makes a difference! And, don't forget...

  • All students get to participate in the Event day, regardless of financial participation
  • Students will experience an incredible character development program. They'll be learning about the importance of curiosity, confidence, humility, practice and educrance by following along with Sports City Worldwide! Check out the trailer here.

Thank you for supporting our school. We are grateful for our amazing community!

Hibernian Irish Pub and Restaurant Spirit Event, October 23

Mark your calendars! We have a spirit event coming up at Hibernian Irish Pub and Restaurant (8021 Falls of Neuse Rd). Make sure to mention PUE when ordering and we'll receive 10% of the proceeds.

Outside Lunch Volunteers Needed!

The outside lunch rotation is working well. Room parents are sending out emails for parent volunteer opportunities to help with outside lunches. Please sign-up! It takes around 30 minutes and it is a fun way to engage with the students. You are welcome to do more than one shift. Here are the links for Track 2 lunch next week:

Kindergarten (Rabon):

1st Grade (Bandi):

2nd Grade (Sigmon):

3rd Grade (Deans):

Bring Back Our Library Campaign!

Part of the PUE mission is to ensure each student has access to a variety of learning resources, many of which are maintained in the school's wonderful Media Center. In recent years more than an insubstantial number of Media Center resources have been lost as a result of student transitions, damage and obsolescence. In line with its mission to continuously support the school, the PUE PTA feels the need to replenish these resources is imperative, and financial help is needed. If you are able, please consider a recurring or one-time donation to help support this integral aspect of our Panthers' educational experience! Donate here!

Media Center Volunteers-NEW sign-up for 2nd quarter!

Parents can come at 8:15-8:45am or 3:45-4:15pm. You are welcome to bring your child to stay in the media center BUT they must be a current PUE student. The front office will have the computer set up so you can register as a new volunteer or reactivate your volunteer status and obtain your Criminal Record Check clearance for 2021-2022. Sign up here through September. New sign-up for 2nd quarter here. If you have any questions, please email Media Chair Victoria Williams.

Did you know that October is International Walk to School Month?

From PTA Wellness Team: Why is International Walk to School Month celebrated? Children, parents, staff, and families provide everyone with a sense of adventure! Children notice sights, sounds, and connections they might not get to while riding in a car. Walking or riding a bike helps children to build the healthy habits of being physically active, making healthier choices to care for their environment, and learning and promoting pedestrian safety rules.

*PUE is not in a walkable area, but we encourage you and your family to walk to your bus stop or take in your day to walk around your neighborhood. Walking is a great activity!

Volunteering at PUE & Joining PTA

Do you want to volunteer on one of our committees? Information for each of the committees here and one can volunteer through this google form. If you haven’t joined the PTA yet, you can also join here.

Join PUE MemberHub-FREE

MemberHub is a FREE and secure web-based application that organizes families into classroom ‘hubs’ and allows for communications within and amongst the hubs. You can join here.

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Donation Links

· Amazon-shop through Amazon Smile and 0.5% of the purchases will be donated to PUE

· Box Tops-just scan your receipt and proceeds will be sent to PUE

· Harris Teeter-link your VIC card online with PUE (returning families-add PUE again for this school year)

· Lowes- link your Lowes Food Fresh Rewards card with PUE

· Giveback in MemberHub gives amazing deals that donate back to PUE

Mark Your Calendar

Friday, October 8

Report cards go home for Tracks 1, 2, and 3

Wednesday, October 13

Boosterthon Kick Off for Track 1, 2, and 3

Monday, October 25

Boosterthon Kick Off for Track 4

Friday, October 29

Virtual Parent Coffee Chat: School Safety at 8:00am