Let's Become Writing Wizards

How to create the perfect potion for amazing writing!

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- Prewriting is the "before" stage of the writing process.
- Brainstorm!
- Here, we think of ideas that we can use for our piece of writing.
- Sometimes thinking of ideas can be hard so that's why I do the following:
  • Talk with a partner about an idea or topic.
  • Figure out who my audience will be.
  • Think about the purpose of my writing - To tell a story? To explain? To inform?

- With a partner, you have one minute to talk about the picture below.

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- Drafting is the step where we put our thoughts down on paper before we lose them.
- When we draft, we do not always think in complete sentences; we can also create lists and draw pictures.
- During this step, we do not need to worry about punctuation, capitalization, or grammar.
- However, we do need to try to organize our thoughts!

- Write down your ideas about the picture above. You can create lists or drawings to put get your thoughts down.
(5 minutes)


- We share our work with others to get feedback on our writing.
- Our classmates can tell us what is great about our writing and what may need more work.
- When you read someone's story, check to see if it makes sense!


- Revising is where we "see our piece of writing again".
- This means that we read our sentences to make sure everything makes sense and "flows" correctly.
- Sometimes we add, remove, or substitute certain ideas and words for others.
- Between drafting and revising, sometimes we write our papers a few times before we go on to edit them.


- Editing is the point where we fix our spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes.
- We can proofread our own papers and the papers of our friends.
- Think to yourself:
  • Does my punctuation everything make sense?
  • Will others understand what I am trying to say?


- By this point, our pieces of writing should be written in our very best handwriting.
- We can add photos, drawings, or nice borders to our work to make it more presentable.
- After we are done, we can share our finished pieces of writing with the class!
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Song to help us remember the writing process!

Writing Process Song


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