Propaganda - Then and Now

How propaganda was and is used to make war appealing

The Great War means War is great... Right?

During World War I, otherwise known as the Great War, there were many people who were against joining the navy. But posters of Uncle Sam, other soldiers, even kids asking their dads, "What will YOU be remembered for?", persuaded many to join the fighting. Propaganda is the government's number 1 tool in getting more soldiers.
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Plain Folks

Using a little kid to make it appealing and make it seem like saving wheat is for the better of every family, this poster uses the plain folks technique to persuade families to save the wheat for the soldiers. This hits every man and woman in the heart, making them feel proud that their sons and daughters are helping the soldiers. It makes every person feel included in society by touching the hearts of men, women, and children alike.
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Glittering Generality

With the catch phrase "Grow your own, can your own", this poster draws you in with the promise of having plenty of food to eat by growing your own "Victory Garden." Targeting moms and women across the country, this poster also makes women feel included in society.