Axes COMMERCIAL analysis

By Manuel Cabeza

Axes commercial

Bartle Bogle Hegarty commercial ad "Axe Peace Tv Commercial Ad,Make Love Not War", (2014) imply that men who use axes get to be in noble level and accomplish world peace. Bartle Hegarty start out with this development is by makes look like a war is coming like solider going to Vietnam, a scene of a president pushing a button that could be the nukes, a tank come over deviating area, and Korean leader come to make his people fight, however in reality they really show their love for their lover, by returning to them and celebrating with them. In order to make us buy axes, Bartle Hegarty manipulate our feeling by show us warlike environment, then give us a heartwarming scene with their lover, and axes product placement. Bartle Hegarty audience is most young couple with a driver to make a huge part in society and his tone is dramatic like and heartfelt to get us invest to buy axes.

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AXE PEACE | Make Love, Not War (Official :60)