Dalton Coble's portfolio

A summary of who I am.

My name is Dalton and I have lived in Arkansas for as long as I can remember. While growing up I had lived in a small house that was falling down. I may not have had a lot of money but I was happy. My parents tried to get me everything but most of the time we didn't have enough money. I am interested in many things such as japan, video games, anime, music, books. When I am sad I will go on kik and talk to friends or listen to music. My favorite things to do are to go hiking draw and kik people. For my future plans I want to got to Soka University in japan to study and become an archaeologist. I am hoping to live a great and Happy life with my friends and family.


The results from my self esteem test say that I deal with rejection easily. I think this works for my personality because I don't get fazed by a lot of things. I don't care what people think of me.
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I try to be positive and optimistic but that all depends on the situation. Since I am an Optimist I think that if I lose my job then there are other opportunities.
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The results of this quiz do not match me. I want to go into archaeological study and the results are nothing similar or close to it.
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My highest learning style was auditory. I think this suits me quite well. The reason is because when I listen to music in another language I can latch on to the words then learn what they mean later on.
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My Personality Type was ESFJ. E stands for extrovert. S stands for sensing. F Stands for Feeling. J stands for judging. my percentages were E(78%), S(38%), F(12%), and J(1%). I think this suits me a lot because I rather change my look of something than perceive it wrong. I rather be in a big group than be alone. I rather use my go with my feeling so I cant over think it. I can sense if something is going on as well.
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Brain dominance

I am left Brained. I think this suits me because I am strategic, I use logic, pay attention to detail, like to learn new languages, and am rational. Those are also characteristics of being left brained.
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Personality color

My personality color was green. This suits me because green personalities are optimists and I am full of life and love. I am very loving towards animals and even want to go vegetarian or vegan. I have a profound need to love and be loved. I also love the color green. I am sensitive but not over dramatic or overly emotional. I am very loving and am the best kind of friend or lover for anyone.