10 Weeks to a 10 Minute Meditation

$2.99 ebook program to help build your meditation practice

Meditation Made Simple

This ebook is really a program to help you ease into meditation much like you'd ease into a hot bath: slowly and with care.
We will go over
  • The best ways to sit during meditation
  • Different breathing techniques
  • And, how to keep a meditation journal

Each week you will have the opportunity to play with different journal prompts and meditations times allowing you to take on meditation one day at a time.

Check This Chapter Out To Get An Idea of What the Book is Like

In the beginning, meditation is met with some resistance. But once we get to know meditation, it becomes a less daunting and boring act.

We project our own ideas onto meditation telling ourselves that it requires things like:

  • Complete silence
  • The ability to sit in a Full Lotus position
  • A completely blank mind
  • An extensive background in yoga
  • A certain faith or system of belief

All of these ideas lead us further and further away from meditation and thus all of its benefits.

So what if we change the definition? What if we remove exclusion from meditation and add inclusion? What if we define meditation like this:

Meditation is not about quieting the mind, and it's not about quieting your environment. It is about accepting everything that your mind is giving you and accepting your environment for exactly what it is.

This definition removes all of our excuses. It doesn't demand silence or perfection of any kind. It simply asks us to show up and accept.

It also means that all of the so-called distraction in our lives (things like constant brain chatter, people talking, sounds of the world around us) are not distractions at all, but they are in fact a piece of our meditation, because for better or for worse, they are a piece of the moment. And every moment in our lives is an opportunity to find peace.

We have a tendency to harp, giving a so-called distraction most of if not all of our attention. We shine a spot light on something that happened that is out of our control, something someone said, or even a noise in the background. What meditation teaches us is to broaden the light so that we can take in everything at the same time accepting and acknowledging everything as it comes to us. Not harping. Accepting.

Once we learn to accept everything for exactly what it is (a piece of our meditation), then we can find peace anywhere.

Like everything else in life, if we want to be good at acceptance meditation, we must practice. We must practice this peace.

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