GlogsterEDU in e-Twinning projects

use of interactive posters and GlogsterEDU platform

How does it start?

It was 2009 when I started my partnership in my very first e-Twinning project "Greetings from the world".
It was launched in October 2009 by my colleague and good friend Arjana Blazic from Croatia. It was a very successful e-Twinning and Global project where students and teachers from 19 different countries and 6 continents collaborated and shared information about their countries using glogs. This project marked all my next ones with the label GlogsterEDU, because I never stopped using this amazing tool in all of my following e-Twinning and Global projects. Just the perfect web 2.0 tool for me - the best one I have ever come across on the Internet, which will inspire you to create interactive posters (adding graphics, hyperlinks, audio, video, and text), to collaborate and share with your partners in a simple and funny way, having fun all the time.

What makes Glogster so amazing for me ?

I suppose it is its art side. A very creative tool - you cannot only make posters but paint art canvases as a real artist. It inevitably gives a pleasure to the creator and to the audience who will find the information from the glog to be a piece of art. Not only beautiful, it is also an exclusively smart tool which brings you new points of view towards the whole educational approach in the classroom and beyond. I have created interactive textbooks and tests for kids on GlogsterEDU, set up a wiki with a great number of resources, flipped some of my classroom activities, made a Multilingual Classroom as a part of the Global Classroom. (check out the popplet) .
Glogster opens for me bright horizons and makes my teaching and students learning such an exciting and engaging activity as well.

GlogsterEDU basic and premium accounts

To use Glogster as a perfect web tool to create interactive posters you need the free Basic version. Sign up on GlogsterEdu here. How to create a glog? Look for free video tutorials here on GlogsterEDU site and on glogster scoops which are really awesome. If you need to make a project glog just do it using a rich scale of media, text and links and share it (with a link or embed code) anywhere you like: in Twinspace, wiki, facebook everywhere your partners are. Glog works well on any web platform and also with any smart tools, I have mentioned some on this glog. GlogsterEdu Basic is free for teachers, it gives awesome tools for creative learning but I recommend you to chose Glogster Edu Premium for some reasons.
What advantages does GlogsterEDU Premium give for project collaboration? At first it gives a very smart platform for collaboration where you could create a virtual classroom including all teachers and students (project partners) and make them glogster pen pals. They have students accounts which you could manage as their teacher and launch project based learning activities on your project topics. This way you could do project collaboration and cooperation much faster and easier for students and teachers. Furthermore the Premium features allows you to make glogflows ( these are glog presentation and portfolios) to collect all project glogs in one link in case you want to present the project results. There are many other features of Glogster EDU premium account and they all could be implemented successfully in the project collaboration between e-Twinning partners :

  • Full Student Management
  • Full Class Management
  • Full School Management
  • Extra Graphics Galleries
  • Technological Support
  • Student Sharing
  • Customer Care
  • Glog Attachments
  • Teacher Presentations
  • Student Portfolios
  • No Advertisements
  • Glog Drawing
  • Re-glog function
You can find more about GlogsterEDU products and pricing here .
My piece of advice is to try out premium features by first signing up for a free version plus a 30 days Premium Trial to get more confident with tools and premium account management.

Instead of GOOD BYE

I just want to tell you "Welcome to Glogster EDU"! Our Ambassador pen pals account is open for Global and e-Twinning partners. You are welcome there to collaborate, communicate and share your projects. Just mail me and I let us be partners on Glogster, too:

Rositsa Mineva

An EFL primary teacher from Bulgaria, Europe.
I am a GlogsterEDU ambassador and board adviser