Mrs. Miller's Monday Message

September 19-23

Upcoming Dates

September 21 - WatchDOGS Orientation Meeting (6pm)

September 25 - Happy Birthday Carly!

September 28/29 - PT Conferences

September 30 - No School

Email Delay

I have found that some of my emails that I am receiving from people replying to the Monday Message are going straight to my SPAM folder for some reason. If you reply to the Monday Message email and don't hear back from me within a day, please resend the email on a new email, and not on a reply to the Monday Message. I am definitely not one to not reply to your emails! I apologize for the confusion on this. Tech is currently working with me to get this fixed. Thanks for your patience!

Curriculum Peek

Spelling/ Vocabulary: Students received their new spelling lists today. The vocab words this week pertain to math. We won't be having another vocab test until October 13th and it will be over science words.

Math: We are finishing Topic 2 this week. The test will be on Wednesday.

Reading: We are continuing on our focus skill of asking questions and adding in the grammar skills of verbs and adjectives.

Social Studies: We are working on a project from our walking field trip as well as comparing/contrasting several different cities around Kansas.

Constitution Week

Saturday was Constitution Day. We celebrated it today! We read a book about how and why the Constitution was created. We also broke down the Preamble into kid friendly terms and watched a couple different videos. Make sure you ask your child what they learned today about the Constitution because we had some great conversations about it!

How to Practice Spelling/Vocab

Each week, two websites will be updated - Spelling City and Quizlet. Students can play games to practice their spelling words on Spelling City. To practice vocab, Quizlet has flashcards, mock games, and spelling practice as well. Please feel free to use either site as often as you want!


Spelling City: