Solar energy

Seth Smith

Is solar energy renewable?

  • Yes it is renewable because it comes from the sun and it is replenished in my lifetime.

Where is solar energy found on earth is produced in a factory or by technology?

  • Solar energy is produced by technology
  • Technology is called solar panels

How does solar solar energy work to produce energy for individuals and whole groups and communities?

  • For a group you would use concentrating solar power plant by using mirrors to make high intensity heat from light to make to power a generator to make electricity.
  • For an individuals you could use passive solar energy which is obtained by solar panels.

What are the uses for solar energy?

  • You can use solar energy to power your home, car, etc.

Who uses solar energy?

  • Somebody who is in a area where they get a lot of sunlight because they can make a lot of money off of them.
  • Somebody who wants to go green because it emit no green house gases or pollution
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What is the cost and the benefits of using solar energy?

  • Costs you need more than one solar panel and you need more resources and they also have to be transported which then need fossil fuels.
  • The benefits are that you don't need to pay an energy bill, It emits no green house gases,

and you can get a check for the energy you didn't use.

what are the advantages of solar energy?

  • emits no pollution
  • no moving parts involved
  • It involves little maintenance
  • It has a long life time
  • It is renewable