The Million Dollar Shot

By: Dan Gutman

Reviewed By: Jack

“Knock, Knock, Knock!” boomed the door to the trailer.


“Are you Eddie Ball?” The man said.

“Yes.” Eddie said trying to figure out why the man was there.

“Here are your tickets to the NBA playoff game.”

“What? There must be a... Wait... I WON!!!!???? I WON I WON I WON!!!” Eddie screamed.

“Congratulations Eddie your poem was phenomenal!”

What would you do if you have the chance of a lifetime to go to a NBA game and shot a million dollar free throw? Well, you’ll find out what Eddie Ball will do because he’s going to take one! In this book you’ll learn about a boy named Eddie Ball, his mom, his best friend Annie Stoakly and her dad. They have been best friends for a few weeks and now they are getting closer and closer to each other. This shot is very important to Eddie’s mom and Annie’s dad because their parent’s lost their jobs because of Mr. Finkle, the owner of the snack, Finkle. Eddie said he was going to split it with Annie because they both are having trouble with money and they worked together until Mr. Finkle fired them both. Her dad played college basketball so he’s coaching Eddie on his free throw because he wants the money to take a weight off both families shoulders.

Well, if you want to see if he makes it or not you need to read this phenomenal book! I thought this book was amazing and I bet you’ll like it too! Honestly, I really, really don’t like books but I really liked this one! I think I liked this book because I really like sports books and I really think Dan Gutman’s books are the best out of all the good writers out there. I think the best part of the book is when Annie and Eddie meet and play a game of Pig and Annie actually beat Eddie in the game which I thought was funny!

If you love playing or watching sports you’ll really like this book! I’d recommend this book for fourth grade through the sixth grade. This book taught me a couple really valuable lessons but I can’t tell you the important one because if I told you what the lesson was I’d ruin the whole book for you! So, if you read this book you’ll really like the book and you’ll think it’s awesome and you’ll figure out the lesson!

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About Dan Gutman

Dan Gutman is a very good author and if you are a very very big sports fan you'll most likely like most of Dan Gutmans books because most of them are about sports. Also, if you like money or money making activities you'll really like some of his million dollar books (Those are my favorite) because they are some of the most popular of Dans Books.