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Why does Bolivia have two capitals?

La Paz is the administrative capital (home to the executive a legislative branches of government). Sucre is the constitutional capital (home to the Judaical branch of government). Now the why Sucre was the original capital of Bolivia.

What is the climate for Bolivia and how does it affect its culture?

The Altiplano is always cool with an average daily temperature of 46. The lower regions have milder, tropical weather. The average temperature in the plains region is 79.

What are major land forms? How high are they? Are they warm or cold?

Andes reach a height of 14,760 ft.

The land area is 1,083,301 sq km.

Arooiris falls is 88 m high and circa is 50 m wide.

Carancas impact crater is 13.5 m wide formed in 2007.

What are some animals raised in Bolivia? Where are they raised?

They raise cattle in grasslands.

They also raise llamas in plains.

They raise chickens, pigs, sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, and even buffalo.

Beef cattle numbered an estimated 6 million head in 1988 and dominated all livestock production.