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QUEEN'S DAY, Netherland

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QUEEN'S DAY , the Netherlands

Our students celebrate the Day of the Queen in Netherland on 30th April together with the MixTalant Students, as Queen likes our work.

a cause ' My home is my heart and I am a King and a Queen of my heart'

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Our students like to be Kings and Queens of their hearts.

Student's MixTalant Academy and our students as a part of that Academy celebrated together that day. Queen was very happy to know this.

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A symbol of our national identity - to Queen !

I am a Queen of my heart

Students from Primary school ' Geo Milev' in Grohotno village, region Smolyan,Bulgaria are very happy to take part and organize different causes to support students in need, with physical difficulties and others.

That's why they are a part of the YOUNG ADVISORS TO THE CONGRESS OF THE EU .

Creator of the Bulletin

Mrs.Fanny Vasileva

Project Coordinator