Soar into Spring & Summer

April Incentives

Make the Most of April 28th-May 10th

Here's a few quick ideas to get some last minute sales to qualify you for April and set you up for May!

Contact past customers, family & friends to offer your help in selecting Mother's Day Gifts in their price range- whether its a gift for their mom, mother-n-law, friend, sister or maybe even themselves!

Remind them that Teacher's Appreciation Week is May 6-10- Offer suggestions in their price range. Most teachers would love a new pair of stud earrings vs. hand soap and candles...

Reach out to the men you know and offer suggestions for Mother's Day- they always appreciate the help! Let them know that we launched bags and how much more affordable they are than other designer bags. Offer to ship the bag to yourself, gift wrap it and deliver it to them ready to gift! (I've sold 3 bags this way already)

If you do not have any open trunk shows that could use these orders, create a Mystery Hostess trunk show. When you are contacting customers, let them know for any purchases they make by May 10th will enter them into the drawing to win the FREE and 1/2 off accessories! Create an incremental amount that will get them entered... $25-$35 works well! For example- spend $50 get entered twice! Create an online FB page for the Mystery Show where you can also reach out to friends/family and include the link. Update the event with specials and pictures!

April 2013 is an exciting time for S & D Stylists!!

Accessories is a 30 billion dollar market- Jewelry makes up 10 billion of that... the other 20 billion??? Handbags/totes! With our new line expansion stylists are going to have more opportunities than ever before!! Now is a great time to give your business a power boost!

Discover all the ways you can make this April & May your best months yet!


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The media is helping to create a buzz around our new line expansion!! Are you doing the same? Don't be afraid to chat up your business and show your enthusiasm for our products! Energy is contagious- if you are excited, others will be excited to be around you and want to "drink the Kool-Aid" you are! Think about how excited you get when you get a deal at your favorite store... What do you do? You tell your friends! Being excited about YOUR business is no different... What you talk about comes about!!

Summer Capsule Collection- April 8th

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In addition to our new totes & handbags- we also have an entire Summer collection being released! What's better than getting a deal? Being the first one to showcase or discover a great trend or fashion piece! Reach our to your potential hostesses and offer them the opportunity to be YOUR debut hostess! Tell them how you can't wait to show the new line and impress all their friends that they get to see & shop it first!

Remind your potential April hostesses how ladies will be looking for Mother's Day gifts! Lets get them together where they can pick out gifts for any woman of any age & style.


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Last year as a company we raised over $126,000 for the Autism Speaks organization with the sales from 1 bracelet... This year... we have 5 pieces to help raise funds for the HollyRod foundation! Share these pieces with past customers who may have these items on their wishlist- especially the Tree of Life.

Know Someone Who Would LOVE Stella & Dot?

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Its time to share your love of Stella & Dot fashion with others... If you consistently sell $500 retail a month- and want to earn more from your business- then lets talk Sponsoring! Being a stylist isn't only great for you with the new line expansion- but new stylists launching as well! Lets grow your teams and increase your dollar per hour. (NOTE: If you do not sell $500 a month but know someone interested in the opportunity- lets talk privately). In order for you to earn coaching commissions you must sell a minimum $500 retail in a month.

Lets talk Incentives

As I mentioned earlier I want to help you achieve your goals and that can easily be achieved with the specials and tools mentioned above... but sometimes its fun to up the game a little bit- so here are the incentives I'm offering to stylists on my team this month:

1) Sell $500 Retail (Qualify)- Receive $30 in product credits

2) Sell $1,000 Retail- You will be entered to win $75 in product credits

3) Sell $2300+ Retail- You will be entered to win $125 in product credits

4) Sell a minimum of $500 Retail & SPONSOR a new stylist in April- Entered to win $150 in product credits (1 entry per new stylist sponsored)

**There will be separate drawings for each level**

Want to earn FREE Products???

Lets talk Consistency!!! April is your first month to kick off your consistency bonus! Simply sell $500 retail in April, May & June and you will earn $100 in product credits in July for the FALL collection. Want more for FREE? If you sell $5,000 in any given month- you reach Stellar Seller Status and automatically earn $100 for that month! The breakdown is this: If you can consistently sell $500 a month, you will earn $400 a year in product credits. If you sell $5000 in any given month, add that on top of your consistency bonus!

Who's With ME?? This company is going places- lets not just watch the ride- lets all be a part of the journey!

Have you heard about Hoopla?

Check out the video in the lounge! Early bird registration ends May 5th... Ask me if you have any questions about this National Sales Conference that you won't want to miss!