Haris Flores

Setting Goals

One of my Academic Goals is to keep getting good grades currently as possible to get a wealthy, rich future. Also my Athletic goal is to be a Professional soccer player in the future. My personal goals is to have a great family and be successful in the future.

Overcoming Obstacles

First one of my obstacles is in the family. I need to make them proud of me of having good grades and having a relaxing family. Next is school obstacles and it is to stay on task in school and make my teachers proud. In addition I would want to save up so that I can Go to university that I want to go. All in all, I would want to race and tackle my way to be a Professional Soccer player in the future.


One of my resources or get help from is my Relatives. I would get advice to my brother and my family because they've been supporting me in all the good times and the bad times. Next I would get advice from my teachers and coaches. Why I would get advice from a teacher or a coach Is because they teach me things I've never seen or heard of before and they give me tricks or skills so that I can be better at school or a sport. To sum it up, I would get advice from friends because they're the ones who make sure if something bad is happening to you and they can help you get threw the situation that your dealing with.

Your Personal Action Plan

My attitude or Motivation should always be positive even if it's the worst day of my life. My education or training plan is to read 30 minutes a night, do my homework when I get home, and study if I have a big or small test coming up. Moreover, my plan for acquiring needed skills is Listening to the teacher all times in school and need skills and a lot of training if I want to become a Professional soccer player in the future. My plan for study and practice is read 30 minutes or more a day, do my homework when I get home from school , and try to get into a good college and graduate.