George W. Bush

By: Sarah Gonzalez

5 Facts

  • He made a nationally broadcast address and delivered one of the defining speeches of his presidency.

  • He stated what had happened and made an important point for diplomacy.

  • He outlined his plans that began with Al-Qaeda and that America would pursue nation that provide aid or safe haven to presidency.

  • He unveiled his plans for the new Department of Homeland Security.

  • One of his famous lines, "We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail."
In March 2002, the Bush Administration had been mapping it's next steps against Al-Qaeda when John McLaughlin brought a message about the CIA scaling back operations in Afghanistan. The agency put off a $80 million dollar plan to train and equip an intelligence service for the new U.S. -installed Afghan government. Task Force 5 lost more than two-thirds of its fighting strength. The commandos and their high-tech surveillance equipment would surge toward Iraq. As President Bush prepared for the March invasion that would extend the field of battle for the nation.

Interpretations of the public record are polarized by claims and counterclaims of the presidential campaign. Bush staked his reelection on an argument that defense of U.S. homeland requires unyielding resolve to take the fight to terrorists. The Iraq invasion was an unwise diversion in confronting terrorism and has been central to John F. Kerry's critique of Bush's performance. This account shows how the debate, over the question, has echoed within the ranks of the administration as well.