The Twin Towers

By Jasmine Iniguez

When it happened

It was a normal day and about 50,000 people worked in the Twin Towers that day and about 40,000 visitors to. At 7:59 jet's started coming in.But at 8:46 Flight 11 hit the northeast tower.It all when down hill after that.

What's Going On?

Many people decided to leave the south tower as soon as they resized that a jet has hit the north tower.

The south tower came down at 9:58

and the north tower came down at 10:28.

Firefighters found people in the lobby and send scout to the upper floor's.

New York's tallest towers where gone within 10 seconds.As the building's fell floor by floor any one inside was killed.

What happened after the attack

The attack damaged 4 New York city subway linens.