aiencent Rome

the roman republic

the three roman branches.

the rome judical branch is where they had 8 juges who served for 1 year. the legeslative branch has assemblies and the senates. The executive branch they comanded the army and directed the government for one year.

Patricians & Plebians

Th eupper class patricians were wealthy landowners who held all of the highest posotoins in government. The plebians were mostly common farmers.

senate and councles

the 12 tables

the 12 tables

The 12 tables are the roles that people play and the rule of law .Procedure: for courts and trials Trials, continued ,Debt, Rights of fathers (paterfamilias) over the family Legal guardianship and inheritance laws, Acquisition and possession,Land right, public law, sacred law, supplement 1, supplement 2.

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar ancient Rome's most famous person. Was born in 100 BC. He joined the roman army in 81 BC. he was born in a wealthy family and was well educated. He was a politician and a sport player

by :) payton Watson and Grace Dantzscher