Why Anchor Charts?

Monday February 22, 2016

Anchor charts makes thinking visible...

* by allowing the teacher and students to record content, strategies, processes and guidelines during the learning process

*by posting charts that are relevant to the learning, they can be current-for the unit or lesson or stationed-used and referred to in the classroom all year

*by allowing students to refer to the charts and use as tools for discussions, to answer questions, to complete a task and to problem solve

Building Anchor Charts

-Teachers model building anchor charts based on the lesson/unit being presented.

-Students add ideas as they apply new learning, discover new ideas, develop strategies or for skill application.

-Teachers and students add to anchor charts by recording important facts, steps in a process or for useful strategies.

-Students create anchor charts during small group and independent work to share with the rest of the class

Do you want to know more??

Great resources are right at your fingertips....remember to make it purposeful

The text "Chart Sense: Common Sense Charts to Teach 3-8 Informational Text and Literature" by Rozlyn Linder provides teachers with charts and teaching strategies all related to the Common Core.