Dance career info. topic 2

Reny Morales

Dance Photographer

A dance Photographer job consist of taking pictures of people, events, places, and objects. They education requirements are at least a high school diploma although many photographers complete relevant post secondary course work or hold a degree. The average payment is 55,936 annually. To be a Photographer you are required to be a very patience person also to be passionate about your work is not just taking pictures but to tell a story as well.

Dance teacher

A dance teacher job consist of being a role model for their students, to provide a safe environment, and to make everyone feel included. A dance teacher needs plenty of experience to help their students break down each dance moves into smaller steps.

Their average education is at least a high school diploma but it also depends on where the person works, some school require a bachelor's degree. The average salary for a dance teacher is 35,500 annual. Characteristics and skills a dance teacher needs to have is encouragement and creativity.


A choreographer's job consistency is of creating new dance routines and performance. The education required is at least a high school diploma but a choreographer benefits more with a bachelor's degree they first need to start their career as a dancer then plan to choreograph. Their average salary is 50,000 per year. Important characteristics they need to have be flexible. some skills they need to have is to be able to communicate properly.

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