By: jere and ethan

characteristics of JUPITER

jupiter is a huge ball of gases,its the biggest planet in our solar system,and it is the second brightest planet in our solar system. Jupiter's weather includes storms that last hundreds of years,with winds up to 360kph.jupiter is 83% hydrogen and 10% helium and 3% methane,and jupiter is -190 degerease


Jupiter is 15 times heavier than earth and 11 times the size of it. a year in jupiter is 12 earth years and a day in jupiter is .46 earth days or about 11 hours. the gravitational pull compared to earth is 2.5 times more. scientist have recently discovered about 2 dozen moons in jupiter.

Attractions on JUPITER

Jupiters hotel energy is made out of wind energy,floughting hotels,and people can breath fine in the hotel and out side the hotel they have to wear a space suit.Every week earth transports food to Jupiter.the colors on Jupiter atractes people. on Jupiter's best activety is sky diving,Jupiter's traporation are jet packs and space cars or space ships. A bubble like thing has been installed in jupiters core to make the gravitational pull weaker, this allows the hotels to float.
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How would you get to Jupiter?

We have space ships(space crafts) coming back and forth here to Jupiter,the lynx suborbital spacecraft is a two seated piloted ship,it takes 6months to get to jupiter the space craft goes about 100,807km. it is fast enough to escape Jupiter's gravity.

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