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The Greek Olympics

Hello fellow Greek citizens! Today we are going to be talking about an upcoming event. Do you know which event? Well The Greek Olympics of course! The Olympics happen every 4 years, and go on for about a month.The Olympics are played to honor the god Zeus. Sorry ladies! Only men are allowed to compete in the Olympics.Here are some events you guys compete in, footraces, chariot races, wresting, and boxing. There is one more event, this event is very brutal and dangerous.It is called pancratium. This sport involves wrestling, boxing, and martial arts. To be able to compete you must have money! And plenty of it. You must have money to be trained,and money to get to and form the games. For you citizens who don't know where to go,the Olympics are located in a valley in western Greece called Olympia. Olympia is a very sacred place. If you win the Olympics you will receive a olive leaf wreath, or a crown. Hope to see you there!
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Aristotle's Obituary


Aristotle, 62, of Chalcis, Greece passed away from natural causes on March 7th 322. Aristotle was born in the year 384 in Stagirus, Greece to the late Nicomacus and Phaestis. He is preceded in death by his wife of 10 years. Aristotle was an extraordinary student when he attended Plato's Academy,as he became an adult he taught at Plato's Academy for about 20 years. Aristotle left Athens with Xenocrates to Assos ,where he met his wife Pythias. Pythias and Aristotle had 2 children,Pythias and Nicomacus. Pythias, wife, died after 10 years of marriage at a young age. Later on , Aristotle became chief to a group of Philosophers, and collected lots of info about zoology and biology. Aristotle believed in looking at things carefully, to find out how they work Left to treasure his memory is his daughter Pythias. Family and Friends are invited to a private memorial service to celebrate Aristotle's life on March 14.

Society's Architecture

Hello,today i'm here in front a beautiful and precise temple,Athena's temple.As we know our society's architecture is very successful.This temple and all other temples show importance of balance and order in our idea of beauty.Different buildings have one type of style,it could be the Doric,Ionic,or Corinthian.Athena's temple is like all other buildings it is made out of stone.Our society's does not just have temples we can't forget about stoas, theatres,assembly halls and gymnasias.All of this is very important to us.The way we use columns,the pediments, and the friezes make Athena's temple look breath taking.All of this is like a work of art,architecture is a big achievement and we are proud.
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We are near an altar,where all Athenians are gathered together to give sacrifices to Athena,goddess of widsom,war,art,and justice.Athena was born in a very unusual way,she sprung fully grown out of Zeus's head wearing a robe and a helmet.But why are Athenians giving sacrifices to Athena?The Athenians are giving sacrifices to Athena because Athena is the goddess of Athens after a challenge between Poseidion and Athena!A challenge to see who should rule Athens,a test who can give the best gift for the city.Poseidon gave us a river and Athena gave us an olive tree which provided food,wood,and oil.Our people chose Athena's gift,so till this day she is our ruler,our goddess that helped us prosper in arts and crafts!

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