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Anaconda live by rivers so if u are by a river look a out for Anacondas they also live in swamps, marshes, and slow-moving streams, mainly in the tropical rain forests of the Amazon. (Green Anaconda)
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On land, anacondas are capable of reaching up to 5 miles per hour. In water, anacondas have the ability to maintain a speed of 10 miles per hour. If stalking prey, they have a tendency to move at 8 miles per hour (how fast do anacondas move) Anacondas way to move is slithering. they move on land and in water.Anaconda's move or crawl the same way other snakes move or crawl. Their bones are in their neck and tail. Most of their body is made up of muscle.These muscles move in a wave-like motion, beginning at the front and ending at the tail .
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Body Covering

Anaconda are reptiles.All reptiles have a covering of scaly skin. They do not actually have individual scales like fish do. They have green, black, and yellow scales. They also shed their skin.they are also invertebrate.
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their main food is fish but they eat mammals,deer,wild pig ,caimans,bird,fish and reciters, capybaras tapirs, large rodents. they kill their prey by strangling them. if that doesn't work they drown them. these snakes can survive years without eating.(animal


they lay egg.

Gestation lasts about 6 months, after which a litter of 20-40 live young, each about 26 inches long, are born. Young green anacondas grow quickly until sexual maturity and then slow, living an average of 10 years in the wild (green Anaconda)


Nostrils on top of their heads allow anacondas to breathe while almost totally underwater. Sharp teeth and strong muscles help anacondas catch prey and squeeze them until they stop breathing. Anacondas can unhinge their jaws to fit massive prey inside their mouths.
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Other Info

Anacondas have greenish, yellowish, brownish skin often with many black ring or spots.

When they hunt, they eat up to 400 pounds of food per day.

When animals die, they swallow their prey in one piece.