Helen Edwards Friday Focus

Friday, April 8, 2016

Keep Climbing.....We're Almost to the Top!

This has been a very busy and important week for our campus. We have had insightful and specific conversations in our SST meetings, eye-opening and exciting professional development from Mrs. Sandra Weaver, April assessments in Istation, and then we will top off our week tomorrow with our Stat Chats during conferences. WOW.....that's a lot in just one week. This is a pivotal time for our students. When discussing retention, we know there are some definite students; however, there are still a handful who we will be working with closely over the next few weeks before making any hard decisions. This will directly impact your instruction in the classroom along with our RTI teachers. Tomorrow, during our Stat Chats, we are going to comb through our data and discuss some strategic instructional changes. They are doing so well, but there are a few students that have become stagnant. We need to help them move forward and closer to our campus goal!

I also wanted to share some feedback from Sandra Weaver. She was IMPRESSED!! Mrs. Weaver commented about your attentiveness when she spoke, your intelligence with your questioning, and even your body language. After going into two of our classrooms, she could clearly SEE all the hard work that you have put into your students' learning. She even noted her arrival and how she was greeted by both front office staff and teachers with a smile! Way to SHINE and SPARKLE!!!

I know that it hasn't been easy. In fact, I know there has been some frustration, fear, and even a few tears have been shed. But look at what we have accomplished so far. We aren't there yet....there is still some work to be done. But we have come so far!! I found this post on FB and it made me think of our Helen Edwards' Family:

If you want to see the view from the top then you have to climb the mountain. A climb is not easy, comfortable or smooth but it is so much fun. It's an adventure and will strengthen your body, soul and spirit. It gets your adrenaline pumping and even when you fall, you simply dust yourself off and keep on climbing. Don't get so absorbed by the difficulty, obstacles and challenges that you forget why you're climbing and that the view from the top is worth every step. Keep climbing.....it's worth it!

~Mark Your Calendar~


12: Google Training during conference

13: Google Q&A during conference (only if you have questions)

13: Staff Meeting @ 3:45.....come with ideas on how to improve our campus.

15: Kindergarten Graduation Pictures

19-20: Bowers at T-PESS Training

21: Round-Up (All hands on deck)

22: Bowers off campus for part of the day

22: Summatives

25: Summataives / TPRI

26: Summatives / Pre-K Field Trip/ TPRI

27: Summatives / Secretary's Day / TPRI

28: Kindergarten Field Day / Head Start Field Trip

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

April 11: Stephanie Browning

April 11: Brandy Hamilton

April 29: Anna Bradicich

Pledge of the Week.....Mrs. McCaleb's Class!!

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