Weekly Update

November 13, 2015

Next Week

Canned Food Drive continues

Wednesday: DARE

Friday: Spelling Test & Sentences Due

Looking Ahead: Tuesday, November 24- Ocean Test

Report cards should be in your child's backpack! Just sign and return when you are ready, but please feel free to keep them longer if you need to head to Krispy Kreme for the good grades' donut! :)

This week has been another busy one! We finished the Chasing Vermeer mystery and have begun a new class read aloud. Our new book is Malcom at Midnight (a Reading Olympics book) and the setting is perfect for our class! Ask your fifth grader why this is the perfect book for our class to read! The last four words on our spelling lists are interesting vocabulary words from our read aloud.

We continue to work on reading fiction and non-fiction for guided reading instruction as well as independent reading. The reader's response letter has kicked up a few notches this nine weeks. The rubric is more extensive as your students are writing a four-paragraph letter in response to their reading. They are doing a wonderful job stretching themselves as writers! We continue to build on our study of Greek and Latin roots with our word study lists. Your student should be studying the Greek/Latin roots/prefixes for meaning and applying the meanings to words they come across in their reading. So far, we have twenty-four of these root/prefixes on our wall!

In science, students worked with a partner to on the Ocean Floor Design Challenge. They had to plan, design, build, and solve construction problems among other work related challenges to be successful with this project. Growth mindset is on display during these challenges that require moving parts and measurement constrictions. Pictures coming soon!

Math Rose - measure of center and variation as well as reading / constructing stem & leaf as well as line graphs.

Math Jones - multiplying and dividing fractions

Next week, we will do some fall language arts activities, research the ocean animal for the reports and wrap up our oceans study by learning about tides, currents and salinity. We will take the test the Tuesday before Thanksgiving Break.