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Lakeview Staff Newsletter - December 20

All is calm, all is bright

I wish you and your families the very best this holiday season. I truly thank you for the work you do every day for our students and for each other. Please enjoy your break and we will see you in 2020! Here is something small for each of you - be sure to use it - paras, too!

Weather forecasts

Forecasted highs on December 25th for some of the places Lakeview people are headed:

Honolulu, Hawaii - 80 degrees

Sheboygan, WI - 38 degrees

Pensacola, Florida - 70 degrees

Nassau, Bahamas - 78 degrees

Chicago, Illinois - 43 degrees

Cudahy, WI - 41 degrees

Culture - Staff Meeting

Thank you, everyone, for your thoughtful conversation Wednesday morning about culture and employee engagement. This is one of our three district priorities and one of my three priorities. We do conversations really well at Lakeview, so let's continue the conversations. I will return to you in a more "official" way at an upcoming staff meeting with an action plan, but even more impactful will be our continued daily conversations about engagement and empowerment.

Here is a link to the slides from Wednesday's meeting.

Looking ahead

Dec 23 through Jan 3 - Winter break!

Monday, January 6, 2020 - first day back after break

The next staff meeting is on Wednesday, January 15th

Long term sub

We have hired a long-term sub for Brianne Nillissen. Sometime after break, you will get to meet Jaime Kawczynski (cough-CHIN-ski). Jaime was the counselor at Deerfield Elementary in Oak Creek, just down the shoreline from us, for 11 years. We are fortunate to have her experience here at Lakeview while Brianne is gone.

Top books of 2019

There are plenty of lists at the end of every year - best concert, best restaurants, top news stories, word of the year, and so on. A list that might be close to an educator's heart can be found on the School Library Journal's best books of 2019 list. Click here to read.

CST Process

Some questions have arisen recently about the CST process. Please see this document from Brianne that explains the process. We will try to include time for this on an upcoming staff meeting as well.

Structural Items

Shutdown for break - If it has a remote control, unplug it if possible. If you have a mini-fridge, turn it off and leave it open. Turn off anything that can be turned off.

Reimbursements for purchases - this has not been an issue here, but just a reminder that all Lakeview purchases go through the office. This actually saves you money because, as a tax-free entity, the district cannot reimburse you for the sales tax portion of any purchase you would make.

School supplies - Remember we have lots of school supplies in the lockers by the library. Many of the excess supplies from open house went into these lockers. Sometimes at this point in the year, people need to replenish.

MAP Testing - Use this spreadsheet to indicate your times. Let's complete all testing (including make-ups) by January 24th.

Link to this week's family newsletter

Personal Day Blackouts - here is a link to blackout days for elementary personal days.