Things We Know By Heart

by Jessi Kirby

There is Greif, There is Love, There is Hope, There is Light

Reading this book is like the first time really feeling your heart FEEL. You've experienced your heart racing, you know when you're calm and when you're excited, but the words on these pages will make your heart feel.

Explore the Possibility of Finding Human Connection Through a Tragic Loss

In this organic, budding romance novel, Quinn Sullivan falls in love with her boyfriend's donated heart... all over again. Have you ever heard a thing so raw and romantic?

After Quinn's first and only boyfriend of years, Trent, dies suddenly in a car accident, she reaches out to the recipients of his donated organs. All but one are eager to respond to her kindness and express their gratitude. All, but one, Colton Thomas.

"You can't expect a rainbow if you don't put up with the rain"

The growth a human experiences after living through a loss or a tragedy is such knowledge and perspective that you simply cannot gain any way else. Sometimes the "hard way" is worth it in the long run.
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"Absolutely Spellbinding"

Lena does not know the circumstances behind her mother's death, but she grows curiouser and curiouser every time she surfs magic's cove

Why has Lena always been so drawn to the ocean?

She is determined to uncover the secrets of her life and sure enough, they bring both beauty and burden

We are One by the Ocean and One by Loss


A Love Affair with the Ocean Must Have a Shipwreck

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L.K. Madigan (Author)

MY READING EXPERIENCE: As I was no less than infatuated with this book, feeding my hunger for further knowledge and perspective on mermaids and aquatic mystique, I could not bear to see the final page. The way the author left it, I could just tell there was meant to be a sequel... so I emailed her. In return, I received a message from her darling husband explaining to me that his beloved Lisa had passed away a few years back and she had indeed planned to write a sequel. This man was even kind enough to reveal the secrets of Lena and her love, Nix and what was meant to happen in books 2 and 3. I could not have been more grateful and humbled by her Husband's heartfelt "thank you for keeping Lisa's imagination alive".

Growth Through Loss

Growth through loss is a prevalent self journey throughout both books on this flyer. Both young women experience a traumatic loss that ends up being their greatest progression. Swiftness and Strength get both of these people through the lowest of troughs and carry them, not without difficulty to their highest peaks. Horrific loss is inevitably in everyone's life and one of the most beneficial hardships you will ever have both the misfortune and blessing of facing.