Stop Domestic Violence

By; Jane Borrero

The cause of Domestic violence..

Domestic Violence could happen to any one, wether your married or in a serious relationship, domestic violence could happen when a person wants total control of the relationship and the person.

what you can do to stop Domestic Violence

Refuse to support media/entertainment forums that perpetuate objectification of women and violence against women. You can have a riot about it, have people supporting what you have to say about it.

Come join our team in stopping Domestic Violence.

Domestic Violence happens to everybody and were here to stop all the violence around the world, by coming together and helping people in need of support.

Are you Against Domestic Violence ?

Come and join the my team and help us raise money to stop domestic violence and helping out people in need of support and in need of friends and family, were here to support someone who's been through a lot come and help!