The Nile River

Egypt, africa


Based on the ancient Egyptian calendar, the Egyptian calendar was meant for the lunar cycle of 12 months. The Egyptians grouped this into three seasons for 4 months. The Egyptians were so lucky because they could farm the soil around the Nile river to make food and clothes.

Daily life

Daily life back then was pretty difficult. Most people were farmers. The farmers grew more food than they needed, this meant that some people could do different jobs. Other people became merchants. They traded food with towns along the Nile river

Pictures of the people in ancient Egypt and the Nile river

Physical features in ancient Egypt

Physical features of ancient Egypt

Giant delta, pyramids, temples, sphinxes, mountains, river valley, Nile river and many more.

Transportation + trade in ancient Egypt

Boats were a big part of transportation and trade to the Egyptians because of the Nile. There were different boat transportation. The very first boats were made of papyrus. Papyrus is a kind of plant.