Change Makers

By: Kayla Knight (Gabby Douglas & Martin Rodbell)

Gabby Douglas

Gabby Douglas was born on December 31, 1995 in Virginia. Gabby Douglas began training in gymnastics at the age of 6. She also won many State Championships. Her and her family moved from there hometown in 2010. She is now 19 and working hard at gymnastics.

Making Change

Gabby Douglas was the first African American to win the individual all-around event in the Olympics.

Martin Rodbell

Martin Rodbell was born December 1, 1925. Martin Rodbell was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Martin died on December 7, 1998 in Chapel Hill, N.C.

Making Change

Martin Rodbell was one of 2 people who discovered G-protien. Martin Rodbell was an American biochemist. He won the Nobel Prize for Medicine and discovering G-protein with the other person he worked with while discovering the G-protein.