Jump on the California Trail

Riches beyond your wildest dreams.

By: Shannon Jeffries

What is the California Trail?

The California Trail is an adventure from western Missouri across the Great Plains, through the Rocky Mountains, and to the gold fields of California. The journey may be six months long, but the riches are well worth it.


Do you want wealth? Well this is the trail for you, head to California and you will have your fortune. Gold, silver, and many other well valued items await.

Fur Trade

Not only can you rake in the money from all the gold you will collect. How about the fur trade? That's right fur trading is welcome and encouraged on the California Trail.

Beaver Pelt

Not only is this pelt widely tradable, it is also water resistant. This is part of the fur trade and could be available to you.
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Go Ahead

This is the trail for you. The riches, the opportunities, all of it is completely worth it. Come join the rest of us.