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May 2-6, 2016

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Don't Forget...

May 1st ~

May 2nd - 6th ~

  • Tiger of the Week: Andrew N.

May 4th & 5th ~

  • Home & School Association Spirit Nights - U-Swirl Yogurt Warrington at Valley Gate, 251 Easton Road - 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

May 4th ~

  • Happy Birthday Chase B.!
  • Spotlight on the Arts Rehearsal - Don't forget your recorder!
  • iRun4Life Color Run

May 5th ~

May 6th ~

  • Titus Spirit Day - Wear Your Titus Spirit Gear!!!
May 8th ~
  • Happy Mother's Day!

Box Tops... Box Tops... Calling All Box Tops!

We are currently in 2nd place overall for the year... so keep on clippin'! This will be the last month for collection to determine a winner for the Rita's Water Ice Party. Please remember to send in your Box Tops to help our class move back into first place!

Don't forget to send in your Ziploc bag full of Box Tops by May 31, 2016.

And the Chaperones Are...

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to be a chaperone for our upcoming trip to Pennsbury Manor! The following parents were chosen at random to accompany us on Tuesday, May 31st:
  • Mrs. Brennan
  • Mrs. Baratz
  • Mrs. Etgen
  • Mrs. Landis
  • Mrs. Schilling
Thanks again to everyone who volunteered!

A few quick things about this week...

Read to Self Entries will be due Friday!


This week we are continuing our LEAD 21 Unit - Achieving Dreams. We are focusing on making deep connections to help us better understand what we are reading. By the end of the week, students will be able to make deep connections using their own schema (personal experience, previous texts read, etc.) and their current piece of text to explain how they are connected and why it helps them understand the story/plot or characters better.

This week students will be asked to focus on specific strategies in their Read to Self Journals. Students will be expected to have at least one entry for each of the following strategies:

  • Making "Deep" Connections
  • Identifying Text Structure
  • Summarizing (Somebody, Wanted, But, So...)
Students will have assignments glued into their read to self journal to complete in class or at home. Please remember that students are expected to have at least six entries by FRIDAY! (They will have a pink sheet with 6 "post-it" sized squares to complete by Friday.)

Ask me about: How and why do readers make deep connections when they read text? What is the difference between a surface connection and a deep connection?

What you can do: As your child reads, ask them to make a deep connection and explain how it helps them understand the story/plot or characters better.


We are continuing to work on our informative research pieces about an interesting sea creature by outlining and drafting our essays using Office 365. At this point, all students should have their three body paragraphs drafted. We will be drafting our introductions and conclusions this week, in preparation for revising "surgery" of our written pieces.

We are also working on our multi-genre project about our sea creatures. Students are informing their readers through various genres about their sea creatures, and should have the following items completed towards their final product:

  • Graffiti
  • Instagram
  • National Geographic Explorer Magazine Cover
The next item students will be working on will be a crossword puzzle with key words about their sea creature.

Ask me about: What are elements of informative research writing? How can you inform your readers about your sea creature in other genres? How do writers organize their information within paragraphs?

What you can do: Ask your child to show you their key words about their sea creature for their crossword puzzle in their Writer's Notebook and to explain why they chose those words.

Writing on the "Cloud"...

Central Bucks has given 4th grade students access to Microsoft Office 365, and since introducing it in our class, students have been using it almost everyday! Our class has learned how to share documents with each other, such as PowerPoints, in order to work collaboratively on projects at the same time. Students are also sharing their written pieces with each other, and have learned how to comment appropriately in order to provide feedback through peer conferences electronically. It is a new, exciting, and valuable learning tool for all students!


We will be wrapping up Unit #10 - Reflections and Symmetry this week. On Monday, we will be reviewing our problem solving strategies and how to make lists/tables to determine how many different combinations of items can be made. We will also be reviewing elements of a well-written math explanation. On Tuesday, we will be reviewing for our Unit #10 test, even though our test is scheduled for Thursday. A study guide and review sheet will be going home with your child on Monday and is also posted on our class website.

Ask me about: What are reflections, rotations, and translations? How do you add positve and negative numbers?

What you can do: Ask your child to create various patterns using reflections, rotations, and translations and to add positive and negative numbers while shopping (credits and debits).

Science ~ Watery Earth

We have officially put our lab coats back on, and are thinking like scientists in room 304! This week we began activating our schema about the water cycle, by discussing what happens to a rain drop when it falls. We also created groundwater models that we added water to, and will finish observing the results to our exploration on Monday. We will then begin talking about the water cycle by using the following key vocabulary words:
  • Evaporation
  • Condensation
  • Precipitation
  • Percolation
  • Collection
By the end of the week, students will be able to describe/explain the water cycle, as well as what how water gets in and out of our homes and businesses.

Ask me about: What are each of the parts of the water cycle? How does the water cycle work?
What you can do: The next time it rains, ask your child to describe what is happening, where the water is going, and why.

We are... a PEANUT & TREE NUT safe classroom!

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