In The Rainforest

Rubber Tappers

What do the Rubber Tappers want to happen?

They want to make a living from the rainforest.To do this, they need to stop the widespread clearing of trees. Why they want to make a living is because they can have more sap to make rubber and more rubber means more business. More business means more money. More money means that they can build bigger, nicer, houses in the rainforest.

Their economy.

Rubber tappers think that their right to the rainforest comes from having to work there for so long. They argue in a way that doesn't hurt the rainforest. Because of that they believe the government should protect their activities. If they protect the activities than they have more things to do besides make rubber. But there is a down side if they do other activities than they have less time to get sap to make rubber.

Pictures and fun facts..!

-Cynthia Bagley