Personaility Type

Description of ENFP

-People with the personality type ENFP are outgoing, have a free spirit, and can be considered the life of the party.

- People with the personality type ENFP are independent.

- People with the personality type ENFP can switch from being in a calm atmosphere into a more active one with no problems at all.

Does ENFP describe me?

Yes, in some accepts it does. One way is being independent, I like being able to depend on only myself, and no one else. Another way is being able to get along with anybody, and everybody no matter what their personality is.

Famous people with ENFP personality type

  • Robin Williams
  • Walt Disney
  • Ellen DeGeneres

Career Path

  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Sales/Marketing specialists
  • Management

Learning Styles

  • ENFP's can apply new material once they understand its details.
  • ENFP's are good at remembering new things when they are engaged in the work.
  • ENFP's take in the work easy when it is devoted to a certain topic.