Rules for Parents

By Amanveer


Parents should not be on their cell phones while driving because you can have a serious accident. It could maybe change your life forever and there is a chance of death. Driving while your on your cell phone can easily distract to you. You could also hit a kid on the street and that will be really bad.


Parents should be a lot more careful about what they post on social media (Facebook,Twitter,etc). People can blackmail your parents if they get a photo. If your parents are sending pictures of suits to everyone some people might say bad things about the suits. If someone did that the person would feel really upset she sent that to everyone and your parent will feel really sad. This is a horrible thing and I hope your parents will be way more careful about what they post on social media.


Parents should not download types of internet scams because the you can get a lot of viruses and that will be really hard to get rid of. If you can't get rid of the viruses it will cost a lot to get rid of them in a store.


If parents have a web cam they should cover it up with tape that you can't see through because if they get a bad image of you they can blackmail you. The person can have a lot of control of you if they get a bad image about you.


If a parent is getting bullied on line(cyber bullying) they should just shut down the computer and not go on that site in a long long time because if the parent is keeping on suffering and getting bad emails that could have a chance of suicide.Parents can get cyber bullied if people say really bad stuff.


Parents should never enter their real date of birth,their address,or their real name and phone number because that is too much information and a person can hunt you down or someone can make a fake credit card and can take so much money out.


Parents should not add a random person because if you get real close with that person they might ask of sharing password. Parents might say yes because the other person might seem so nice but when you give that password BOOM! he steals your account and he backfires it.


Parents should look at their privacy settings because if you don't have your privacy settings on some bad things can happen. Like I said before people can look at all your information and hunt you down.


Parents should know their kids passwords for social media(Twitter,Facebook). They should know because they need to see what their kids are doing online. If they are doing something bad the parents can catch them red handed.


Parents should shut down the internet because their kids could sneak their phone into bed and do bad stuff. That's a great way to get your kids off the internet and a great rule.