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Issue 18: January 21, 2020

January Character Theme - Kindness

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Leadership Q2 - Community Projects in Review

Mrs. Gregg and Leadership students focused on giving back this quarter! Students were asked to focus their major projects on supporting our community. Here are student projects in review, collected and shared for you to enjoy by our Student Body President, Keaira Burns. We hope you enjoy celebrating our students with us - we couldn't be more proud!

Keaira Burns, Student Body President

My Major Project was a food drive for the Elks’ Food Baskets. The Elks annually offer a dance to our school in exchange for canned food for their food baskets. This year, they asked for 1400 lbs of non-perishables. We exceeded this goal, with a grand total of about 1600 lbs of food. I hope our donations made an impact for families in need.

Timothy Banks, Student Body Vice President

My major project was a community coat drive I connected with Victoria Brown who has coat racks around town I collected from my church and then meet with Victoria to give her the coats she needed. My part was to collect coats to and then distribute them to Victoria , Victoria then hangs them up to the coat racks around town. I donated coats so our community could be warm and had a coat whenever they needed to be warm. I was happy to work with Victoria, and I'm so grateful I was able to get the coats to her so we could keep the community warm.

Aubrey Richarz, Student Body Treasurer

For my Major Project, I held a suicide awareness assembly. We welcomed Karen Hunsucker from Symmetry Care to our school to talk about symptoms to look out for in friends and family. I think that my major project was successful and we all learned something from the event.

Caitlyn Horrell, Student Body Secretary

My major project was helping wrap gifts for kids whose families can't afford gifts. This fundraiser is called Tree of Joy. The organization I worked with was the Senior Center. This is an organization that homes, feeds, and medically cares for the town elders. This project helps kids receive their Christmas wishes. The kids write down the gifts they would like to receive for Christmas. Then the senior Center staff goes and hangs these ornaments at the assigned Tree of Joy trees. Then people from the public can choose an ornament and buy the suggested gifts for the child. The outcome of the project was that I had help kids have a little something to look forward to on Christmas Day.

Mackenzie King

For my Community Major Project I helped out at the Aspens Senior Center. Keaira and I went and helped set up their monthly store. There was a bunch of food and hygienic products to set up. We also decorated the dining hall and entrance with Valentine ́s decorations. Overall, I think our assistance to the Aspens helped the seniors have a very fun day.

Jayson Graham

My Community-based Major Project was a clothing drive. What I did was host a clothing drive. I put the clothing drive in the middle school, high school, and district office. What I did for the community is to help the poor with their clothes.

Emily Martinez

For my community-based major, I collaborated with the Senior Center organization. I helped the Tree of Joy fundraiser by wrapping gifts for less-fortunate children. The project went smoothly and well. The way this fundraiser works is, kids write down their Christmas wishes and gifts they would love to receive on ornaments and then they put them on Tree of Joy trees in designated areas around town. Then when a person takes an ornament, they buy gifts for the kids and donate them to Tree of Joy, where people from the Center, 4-H, and people like Caitlyn and myself (volunteers) will help wrap gifts for them. The overall outcome of this project is giving children a wonderful Christmas morning.

Ana Thomas

My major project was to make Care Kits for homeless, needy, and to send to the Hope Shelter. For my project I am working with HDH Family Care, Chamber of Commerce, and Symmetry Care, whom are graciously hosting boxes for donations.

Myah Rothwell

What I did for my major project was a canned food drive at the Slater school. I collaborated with the Harney County Food Bank. This helped people by getting food if they don’t have the money to buy food. The project went great, and we raised 920 lbs of canned food in two weeks. The class with the most cans won a pizza party. Our winners were beaming!
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Zane Shelman

What I did for my Major Project was a wheel presentation of Agriculture in Harney County. I presented a Google Slide, then my guest speaker, Melissa Woodbury who is in the 4H extension service, talked about the history of Agriculture in Harney County.

Mikyla Harrison

My major project was partnering with the senior center to make energy assistance baskets. The baskets were for people who could get their heating paid for the winter. We gave it to them after they qualified to get their heating paid. In the baskets I made there were light bulbs and their also a packet telling them about energy assistance and what it does there also were pens and a cutting board in there as well.

Attendance Matters! Every day of school counts ...

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Annual Art Search for Gambling Awareness

The Oregon Health Authority is putting on their Annual Campaign for Gambling Awareness and your student has the opportunity to participate! The top 12 poster submissions will be included in the 2021 calendar distributed throughout the state! Please submit your posters to Jason Sanchez @ Symmetry Care OR you can submit through Principal Waggoner and she can ensure they make their way to Mr. Sanchez.

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6th Grade: Reinna Quick

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Pactices at Lincoln Gym from 3:30-5:30pm.

Transport on Bus 13 from HMS to LN is available with approved Green Slips from the office.


Head Coach: Adam Kemper

Assistant Coaches: Seth Nonnemacher & Chris Lardy

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