4C News

Friday, November 4th, 2016

November Special Events

Veterans Day - On November 10th, the 4th and 5th graders will take part in a special assembly to honor our veterans. After the assembly, we'll have the chance to visit with a veteran. Always a special day.

Thanksgiving - On November 21st, we'll celebrate Thanksgiving with the Feast of Favorites. For the last 15 years, my class has had a Feast of Favorites. The feast is a smorgasbord of foods that don't necessarily go together and aren't necessarily traditional Thanksgiving foods. We now we have to be a bit creative because of the new District food policy. All foods that we have as part of our feast have to be store purchased. I do have access to a microwave to warm foods. Be on the look for a Signup Genius invite to take part in this fun celebration! If your child has food allergies, I will be in direct contact with you. :)


Mrs. Close's Class ~ The kids have been working learning how to multiply two-digit and three-digit numbers by a single number. At the end of the unit, we'll tackle double-digit by double-digit multiplication. Right now we are in the beginning stages of division. Very soon the kids will be learning the steps to long division. All Exit Ticket corrections up through and including Module 3, Lesson 13 are due by November 10th. Lessons beginning with Module 3, Lesson 15 will fall into the second term of the school year.

Mr. Hart's Math Class - We have started module 3 in math. This module teaches the students multiplication and division. We began this week with revisiting area and perimeter, a skill they learned last year, but this year we introduced the formula for both to the students. We are now learning about multiplying by 10's, 100's, and 1,000's. We will begin to introduce 1 by 2 digit multiplication next week. We will use various strategies to teach multiplication. The students will be able to choose the method they are most comfortable with. As always, if your child comes home and is struggling with the night's assignment please send me note so that I can work with your child the next day.

Some of the students completed the first Continental Math League contest yesterday. As I told the kids this does not count towards their class grade in anyway, it does however, give the children practice in using problem solving strategies.

Spelling Bee

The written test will be given on Tuesday, November 8th. Study those words!


This past week the kids have been busy researching. John Cabot, Giovanni da Verrazzano, Henry Hudson, and Samuel de Champlain are the VIPs for this unit! During the upcoming week, small groups will be formed so the kids can cooperatively create informative posters.

Our first writing piece will be fiction! The kids are super excited.