My First Quarter

First Quarter Reflection

My Greatest Accomplishment

My greatest accomplishment was Fear Fest because it took a lot of work so when it was done I could be proud of it. Also I think it was very fun and exiting . Every day we would come in to class and immediately get our chrome books, sit down, and work on fear fest. One more thing I liked was the suspense and fun of seeing my classmates' Fear Fest work.

Yes I Did It

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My Greatest Challenge

My greatest challenge was Fear Fest. Though it was fun, it a lot of hard work especially writing. Because of all the hard work I put in to Fear Fest it is a challenge that I can be proud of.

My Goal

  • My goal is to learn how to us the 6 traits in many ways.
  • This is important because then when I am older I can write well.
  • I will achieve this goal by studying and listening intently.

My Biggest Mistake

My biggest mistake was to put my science project near the trash can. Well I think you know what happened. My science project got thrown away. The moral of the story is do not put the science project near the trash.


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