What is the concorde?

The concorde was the supersonic airplane. Which would bring a passenger from London to New York in 3 hours and 30 minutes. It would be as fast as it was faster than the speed.The concorde would travel 1 mile each 3 seconds so in 12 seconds , you were 4 miles further.

The dead toll

That afternoon , 113 people were killed , they're were mostly German people on the plane . There was 1 American and 9 french crew , all the rest were German. This flight was supposed to take this flight from Paris to New York.

The crash

The plane was already delayed a few hours because they had a little technical issue with the plane , that was repaired after. When they started the take-off , a few minutes later the engine caught fire and had trouble. He crashed 10 minutes after the take-off and then crashed horribly on a hotel nearby, on the suburbs of Paris.

When did Concorde fly for the first time?

The first flight of the concorde was in September 1973 at the Paris Orly airport. There were a lot of spectators coming to watch this amazing historical event.

Why did it crash?

During its take-off the plane ran over some titanium that turned off the engine of a Contenintal.This cause the tyre to burst , then the debris hit the wing that caused a shockwave in the fuel tank , then the engine number 2 fell as a lack of fuel. The aircraft had not enough power anymore so crashed nearby Paris

The concorde itself who produces it and how long it flew for?

The concorde flew for 3o years . The 2 airlines that only flew with the concorde was British Airlines and Air France . There were 20 concorde's on the world and 14 for airline services. 7 for British Airways and 7 for Air France but now Air France only owns 5 concorde , 1 was used for spare parts and the other one crashed in 2000

Who was the captain of the aircraft which crashed?

The pilot of the aircraft was called Christian Marty , he was French and was 54 years old . Just before the plane's take -off he asked a part of the plane from the spare concorde in Paris and then it was perfect for take-off. The crash was not the fault of the pilot , it was a techinacal issue on the plane.
Concorde Crash - From Start To Finish - Air France Flight 4590

Why did the concorde stop?

The concorde stopped as they were not having a profit which means winning money. The main reasons for having no profit is because the concorde was really expensive and the crash in Paris kind of scared people away from this wonderful machine.