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Our Golden Rules apply to both pupils and staff and with this in mind I have to be honest -it has been a tough week! I was unfortunately away from school on Monday getting over a nasty bout of tonsilitis ( I understand a number of parents have also gone down with this) and I have spent the rest of the week catching up!

Thankfully our boys have been on great form even if the Head teacher hasn't! Thursday 8 October was National Poetry Day and at the Junior Boys School we have spent the whole week constructing stanzas and verses to impress each other. Mrs Vine, our Head of English, has been delighted with the enthusiasm that the boys have shown towards this project, and the staff as a whole have been dazzled by the sheer quality of the boys writing. Below are a few examples of some work.

The Moonlit Lagoon

The moon shines upon the lagoon

As the animals settle in their humble homes

And birds fly into the distance

The sound of crickets lingers in the air

The moon shines upon the lagoon

Whilst creatures settle at dusk

The water settles like a blue blanket

Bullrushes chatter as they sway calmly to and fro

The moon shines upon the lagoon

Stars settle into perfect formation

Shooting stars blaze in fiery light

And my wish is… it is always like this!

Luke Lyons 6G

Light-Hearted Limerick - Dan

There was an old man named Dan

Who lost his key in a van

He looked on his knees till he needed to pee

And lost concentration poor man!

By Jonah Stevens 5Y

Autumn Days

Autumn is here

Hedgehogs are hibernating day and night

Fireworks bang for a light

Conkers snap and rain is spattering on the ground

Clouds are hiding the sun like smoke

by Rayan Rasool 2Y

But our English work has not been limited to poetry. Alex Pearce produced a beautifully written diary of his time away at Marchants Hill with the rest of Year 5. The maturity and compassion that his writing showed was truly exceptional. I am sure that I can expect equally good or even better work from Year 6 next week as they go off to Osmington Bay. We wish them the best of luck on their river and beach studies, and on the abseiling tower!

It was lovely to see so many of you at Parents Evening on Thursday. I hope you enjoyed the opportunity to meet with your son's new Form Teacher and learn a bit more about what he has been doing over this first few weeks in school. From my perspective I always enjoy catching up with as many of you as I can for a chat and it was an extremely positive evening. Over the next few weeks I will be meeting with all of our new parents (including parents of Reception boys) individually to discuss your son's start at Claires Court Junior Boys.

It has been another busy week on the sports field and I am hoping that the glitches that we have experienced to our online sports results have now been fixed so that you can marvel in the boys' rugby achievements.

Year 4 had a wonderful time at Hampton Court on Wednesday and the Head Tour Guide has told Mrs Ward that we are the best behaved school that he has come across in 21 years of his time at Hampton Court. I am always so proud of our pupils when they are outstanding ambassadors for Claires Court.

It leaves me to wish you a lovely weekend, and I hope to see many of you on Fireworks Night tomorrow.

Justin Spanswick


Educating the heart...


Saturday 10 October- Family Firework Spectacular!!!

Monday 12 October - Thursday 15 October - Y6 PGL Osmington Bay

Wednesday 14 October - Y2 Boundary Walk 1.30pm

Thursday 15 October - Reception to CCJG for Halloween Party

Thursday 15 October - Berkshire U11 Chess Jamboree

Friday 16 October - Y6 Osmington Bay Presentation Day

Monday 19 October - Friday 30 October - HALF TERM


FIREWORKS - Please note that the time for judging the Pumpkin Competition has been changed. It is no longer at 7.45pm. It will now take place at 7pm before the firework display. Please deliver your pumpkin to the judging table before 7pm to ensure it is included. We look forward to seeing all of the exciting entries.

LOST PROPERTY - There will be a table with lost property out in the playground at the end of school next Friday. Any remaining unlabeled, home clothes will be given to charity if not claimed.


Yesterday was National Poetry Day and the boys have enjoyed listening to poems in assembly, particularly Mr Spanswick's tongue twisters.

With the theme being 'Light', boys in Year 6 chose from a selection of contrasting images and let their creativity run wild. Year 5 enjoyed inventing humorous Limericks whilst Year 4 brought in and performed a chosen poem - some performances proving to be very entertaining. Year 3 read and talked about a poem called 'Gone' and Year 2 have written some Autumn Poetry. Even down in Reception, the boys have been looking at rhymes as they played an IT game called Cake Bake.

All in all we have managed to whet the boys' appetite for poetry and will continue to develop their creativity during the year.

Nicola Vine

Head of English


Monday 12 October - Friday 15 October - Year 6 to PGL Osmington Bay

Thursday 5 November - Sunday 8 November - Y6 Rugby Tour to Cornwall. Balance due by Friday 16 Oct please.

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Wandering the West End, suitable for all ages


Our Rabbit winners this week are Sebastian Seaman (RY) and Quinn Thomas (4D). Sebastian helped a fellow classmate to sort his clothes from inside out and to help him dress so he would not be late for break. Quinn showed great perseverance and bravery whilst at Hampton Court this week. He was not well and had the tenacity to keep going till the end of the trip. Well done boys.


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