Integrated Approach to Achievement


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Educational Epiphany to work with Proviso District Educators

Educational Epiphany, LLC—a highly-sought after consulting and publishing company with a team of experts in curriculum, instruction, organizational development, and school administration—is working with the leadership and instructional staff of District 209 from January through December to build teacher capacity and instructional leadership. Educational Epiphany’s mission is to aggressively mitigate the disparity of performance of students in urban, rural, and suburban schools (K-12), regardless of race/ethnicity, socio-economic status, disability, or special needs. Educational Epiphany’s unique purpose is to make the process of student achievement and school improvement actionable, measurable, and replicable.

“We want to have a unified, integrated approach to education with everyone in the district using the same vocabulary,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. James L. Henderson. “We are looking for shifts in our district’s instructional program to see unparalleled and sustainable improvements in student achievement and educator effectiveness.”

Educational Epiphany is led by Dr. Donyall Dickey, who has impressive results from previous leadership positions in Baltimore, Philadelphia and Atlanta—while building the successful publishing and professional development firm. He is the Chief Executive Officer and lead consultant for Educational Epiphany. Dr. Dickey has authored and published 33 books, including 22 teacher resource books on the internationally benchmarked Common Core State Standards for English/Reading, Social Studies, Science, the Technical Subjects, & Mathematics.

During the January—December 2022 time period of working with Educational Epiphany, Proviso teachers and instructional leaders will learn ways to improve the schooling experience for children in the district. Educational Epiphany provides standards-based instructional materials for the core content areas and meaningful professional development for teachers, school leaders and central office personnel.

Educational Epiphany’s Integrated Approach to Student Achievement is a proven model for mitigating the achievement gap. It promotes seismic shifts in a district’s instructional program. PTHS District 209 expects unparalleled and sustainable improvements in student achievement and educator effectiveness from this training.

PTHS District 209 Board of Education president Rodney Alexander announced, “We are pleased to bring Dr. Dickey and the Educational Epiphany’s expertise to our staff. We look forward to growth for our employees and academic gains for our students.”

On Friday, April 1, Dr. Dickey conducted a walkthrough—classroom visits and observations—at all three of the District 209 schools. He visited the Math, English Language Arts, Social Studies and Science classrooms with Proviso’s Educational Services and School Leadership teams. The results of these visits will be closely examined to drive the improvement efforts in the coming months of professional development.

Dr. Sharon Williams, Deputy Superintendent of Schools, said “Students benefit when all teachers and instructional leaders understand the expectations and objectives and are using the same vocabulary to express those objectives. Frequent evaluation of student performance gives us the opportunity to adjust and make changes to delivery quickly in a manner that enhances students’ experience with subject content material. Educational Epiphany’s instructional materials support our schools and make improvements for our students.”