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What is the period of rotation in Earth days?

The period of rotation in Earth days is 10.2 Earth hours.

What is the average distance from the sun?

Saturn is about 150 million kilometers from the sun.

What is the period of revolution in Earth years?

One rotation is 30 years. The most recent rotation started in 2000. It can not be seen from Earth because it will be conjunction with Mars behind the sun.

Does Saturn have a moon?

Saturn has 62 moons. 53 moons have names and 13 do not have names. The moons range from i kilometer to over 50 kilometers. Some of the moons names are the Titan, Mimas, Rhea.

What is Saturn made of?

Saturn is a giant gas planet. It is made up of 94% hydrogen, 6% helium, with small amounts of methane and ammonia.

What are the temperatures on Saturn?

The average temperature is minus 288 degrees fahrenheit.

What is the location in relation to the sun?

Saturn is the second largest planet behind Jupiter. It is the sixth planet from the sun.


  • Best known for its ring system found in 1610.
  • Saturn can be seen by the naked eye.
  • Saturn is the flattest planet
  • Saturn has an oval-shaped storm similar to Jupiter's storm.
  • Four spacecrafts have visited Saturn.
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