down sydrome

basic info

down syndrome is cause by a defect involving chromosome 21, usually an extra copy. you are born with down sydrome .


Down syndrome symptoms are stunted growth . they have mental retardation . And they separation , of the abdominal muscles with flexible ligaments , and smaller genitalia . most individuals with down syndrome, have disability in the mild, to moderate, with individuals having mosaic down syndrome typically 10-30 points higher the methodology of the test , they have such as hearing , they have heart problems they cant run, a mile or they cant at all. and there very strong and smart . back in the 1912 they used to have live for 12 years , but now they can live for 60 years .


the disorders are based on having too many copies of the genes located on chromosome 21. a mosaic may also result from a mutation during development .

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three possible treatment for the condition , are many children with down syndrome graduate from high school and can do paid work . participate in university education management strategies, such as early childhood interruption. some medical treatment where indicated a education and proper care will improve quality of life signifantly. down syndrome its self does not have a cue but treatment is abialforment a syndrome condition.

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other facts

explain the meaning of the disease name , because its named after john Langdon down , the british physician who described the syndrome in 1866 , the condition was clinically described earlier by jean Etienne dominative Esquiline 1830 and educated sluing 1844. down syndrome is a condition in which extra genetic material causes delays in normally, at the time of conception a baby interties genie . down syndrome (bs) also called trisomy 21 , is a condition in which extra genetic material causes delays in the ways a child develops both mentally and physically .

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