Sneak Peek

Miss Roberts * Stoy School * April 27, 2015


We are still talking about the Big Idea that “Living things change over time.” This week, we will explore the question, “What helps you make a decision about a character?” It definitely takes a long time to make a rug, as we will find out when we read the narrative nonfiction selection, The Goat in the Rug. It also takes a long time to make a basket, which we will know more about after reading in informational text, Basket Weaving. What else takes a long time to make?

Target Vocabulary: sharpening, spinning, strands, weave, yarn, dye, duplicated, delicious

Phonics Skills: Suffixes -y, -ly, -ful; final stable syllables -tion, ture

Vocabulary Strategy: Multiple-meaning words

Comprehension Skill: Conclusions - using details to figure out more about the text

Comprehension Strategy: Summarize - stop to tell important ideas as you read

The students will embark on an exciting adventure…writing a nonfiction research report! Their journey will begin by learning what a report is. Using an organizational notebook, they will record what they know about their topic and develop some intriguing "wonderings." Afterward, the students will use classroom books, along with the research material they have gathered, to confirm these ideas. The students will then observe and learn how to take the interesting facts they find in books and articles and put them into their own words. Using sticky notes, they will gather and organize information for each section of their report.


On Monday, we will review chapter 9 and take the Unit Test on Tuesday afternoon. Looking ahead to Unit 10, the students will revisit using Currency. They will also be introduced to the decimal and begin to understand how it used in writing currency amounts.

Lesson 10-1: Money

  • Calculating coin and bill combinations
  • Comparing the values of coins and bills
  • Generating equivalent name sand make exchanges between coins and bills

Lesson 10-2

  • Reading and writing money amounts in dollars-and-cents notation
  • Finding fractional parts of $1.00
  • Estimating total cost
  • Matching equivalent monetary names
  • Vocabulary – decimal point


We have a few more labs to do in order to identify the 12 minerals we have been working with. During the next lesson, the students will explore the hardness of minerals. The hardness, or resistance to scratching is important since a minerals' use is often related to its hardness. The students will use a copper penny and a steel nail as standards and will classify each mineral as soft; if it can be scratched by a penny, medium; if it cannot be scratched by a penny but can be scratched by a nail, or hard; if it cannot be scratched by a penny or nail.

Once the students finish testing the hardness of minerals, they will use a magnet to determine if it is magnetic. Then, the exciting part begins! The students will use observations made by geologists and compare them to their own observations. Through this process, the students will try to name all 12 of the minerals. In 2R, the big controversy lies with mineral L. Some students strongly believe it is salt, while others believe it is talc. We will know for sure this Friday!

Upcoming Field Trips

Thursday, May 7th - 8:45 - 12:30
PTA sponsored trip the Arden Theater. The students will see a performance of The Jungle Book.

Tuesday, May 12th - 11:00 - 2:30
We will be taking a walking trip to Edison School. 2R will meet with and have lunch with their pen pals from Mrs. Tallman's class. Afterward, we will have an exclusive assembly hosted by the "Rock Doc." He is geologist who has been collecting and studying rocks his entire life.

Friday, June 5th - 8:45 - 3:00 *This is a correction from the Stoy May Calendar*
We will be taking our second trip to Camp Creek Run to continue the studies we started back in October.

Permission slips for the Arden theater have already been distributed. Please be on the look-out for permission slips to the Rock Doc walking trip and Camp Creek Run.


  • The Stoy School Fair was a success! Thank you to The PTA, and all of the Moms, Dads and other volunteers for their time and effort.
  • Monday, April 27th - Student Council Pretzel Sale
  • Tuesday, April 28th - Unit 9 Math Test
  • Thursday, April 30th - School Store