Manufactured Fibers

Polyester, Rayon, Nylon, Acrylic, Etc.


  • Made from coal or petroleum, strong and often blended with other fibers, resistant to wrinkling, shrink and stretch, easy to care for, great washability
  • Common uses- children's wear, shirts, suits,


  • First fiber to be maunfactured totally from chemicals
  • Strong, durable, elastic
  • dries easily
  • resists wrinkles and soil
  • washed easily
  • heat snsitive
  • clings to the wearer
  • Common uses- hosiery, swimwear, windbreakers.


  • Resembles wool
  • soft and warm
  • bulky, yet lightweight
  • quick drying
  • strong
  • wrinkle resistant
  • static build up
  • pills easily
  • common uses- terrycloth, bathrobes, knitted garments, outdoor furniture fabics


  • soft, absorbent, and comfortable
  • inexpensive
  • stretches and is weak when wet
  • Common uses- linings, sports shirts, jackets


  • very versatile
  • inexpensive and easy to dye
  • silky, luxurious
  • deep luster, soft
  • wrinkles easily
  • special care needed in cleaning
  • Common uses- neckties, lingerie, blouses, linings


  • Known for its ability to stretch
  • resistant to lotions, oils, sun, and perspriation
  • easily damaged by chlorine bleach
  • soft, light weight, durable
  • nonabsorbent
  • common uses- swimwear, dance wear, exercise wear